Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer in the City

Summer in the City. Summer 2010 is my first summer in this city I call Toronto. And I'm learning to love it, despite its uglies. ...but I guess you could say that, that the ugly is always part of the package.

Interesting and Beautiful short film.

UP THERE from Jon on Vimeo.


Random but, Who goes to the Art Gallery of Ontario, and walks around town and checks out music festivals instead of spending $100 plus over Caribana long weekend? I do. lol...
... yeah... aaaaaaand what boooiiiii?!

...not gonna lie though, I kinda wanted to see what the hype was about, then as I walked around the city on the day of the parade, I saw more than my share of booty-hanging-carnival-hyped people. ...I saw the boldness and madness of more than few ... neon purple lacefront weave. shorts that are no longer shorts but underwear... (Not gonna lie though, a few GOOD looking men)

My answer to alot of people who look at me funny for not really wanting to check it out: " I dunno (shrug)'s not really my "scene" ..*akward laughter*.. *changes topic asap*"... I like Soca & Reggae. but only in moderation. lol. I like to dance to soca and reggae... (hell, I think I'm even pretty good at it lol)... just don't want to pay more than 10$ to do that, while being grabbed and tossed around by aggressive strangers who want to get sum by the end of the night, that's all.
so call me crazy, lol... but it doesn't sound that hype in my books. PLUS, does it LOOK like I have money to throw away like that.
...maybe I'll change my mind next year, who knows.

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